Fueling for the sport of motherhood

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Empowering female athletes to better fuel for performance so they can break records, barriers, and glass ceilings.


Nutrition coaching for female athletes, moms, and moms-to-be

Working with Mel is an intimate and personal experience designed to authentically address your nutrition and performance. Mel works primarily with women and athletes, focusing on disordered eating, low energy availability (LEA), relative energy deficiency in sport (REDS), amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, fertility, and the perinatal window.


Bring some big uterus energy to your next event

Mel has presented for Nike, the Metropolitan Opera House, the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and numerous gyms, teams, and clubs.

Her warm and interactive style breaks down nutrition science into practical and actionable advice and helps organizations improve their performance, their nutrition IQ, and their relationship to food.

Fueling for the Sport of Motherhood – ISSN 2023

A few highlights from Mel’s presentation at the International Society of Sports Nutrition National Conference in June 2023.

Fueling and Training Considerations for the Postpartum Athlete – NSCA 2023

A few highlights from Mel and Michelle’s presentation at the NSCA National Conference in July of 2023 in Las Vegas.


Prepare for a healthy transition into motherhood.

Taking care of moms so moms can take care of business.


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Love Notes

“Working with a nutritionist who listened to my needs, is anti-diet culture, and fully supported me fueling my body to feel my best is exactly the kind of nutritionist we need more of in the industry. You are truly a gift.”

– @iamchrissyking

“If you’re someone like me that has experienced a lifetime of yo-yo weightloss and perhaps yo-yo habits, and you’re really looking to hone in on the importance of nutrition, Mel’s your girl.”


“My life has truly been changed for the better and I think that working with Mel is something that anyone who is struggling and wants help should seriously consider. To Mel, thank you again; and to whoever is reading this, please reach out and give yourself the gift of a full and happy life – you deserve it!

Evelyn Le Blancq


Your Personalized Nutrition Coach & Counselor

Mel Sulaver is a registered dietitian working to bridge the gap between women’s health and performance nutrition. As speaker, counselor, and coach, she works primarily with women in sport, focusing on disordered eating, amenorrhea, and oligomenorrhea. Mel believes there is an enormous amount of power at the crossroads of “athlete” and “mother” and is looking to change the narrative on what is possible throughout the fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journey. 

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