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A lack of communication, support, and awareness has caused far too many problems for women in sport and female reproductive health. We’re changing that…one conversation at a time. 


Team, Club, & Company Consulting

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Female sports teams or organizations, whether youth, club, collegiate, or professional, can benefit from having a sports dietitian who specializes in female health and performance nutrition. Female athletes have unique nutritional requirements influenced by hormonal fluctuations, menstrual cycles, the perinatal window, and differences in body composition compared to male athletes. Because of these nuances, even if you have nutritional support, it can be helpful to collaborate with someone who specializes in female health and can tailor nutrition plans accordingly.

Here are several reasons why this role is crucial:

Hormonal Influence on Performance: Menstrual cycle phases can affect energy levels, nutrient utilization, hydration needs, and recovery rates. Mel optimizes nutrition strategies to support performance across different phases of the menstrual cycle.

Competitive Advantage: Having access to Mel gives teams or organizations a competitive advantage by optimizing individualized nutrition strategies that contribute to enhanced performance and recovery. Having access to Mel for specialized pregnancy and postpartum sports nutrition expertise provides teams or organizations with a competitive edge by supporting athletes through life transitions and optimizing performance outcomes.

Bone Health and Injury Prevention: Female athletes are at higher risk of bone-related injuries and conditions like osteoporosis due to factors such as hormonal changes and inadequate nutrition. Mel recommends strategies to support bone health through nutrient-rich foods and supplementation when necessary.

Support for Breastfeeding Athletes: Mel provides nutrition guidance to support milk production for breastfeeding athletes while ensuring adequate energy intake and hydration.

Recovery and Immune Function: Proper nutrition is essential for post-training and post-competition recovery as well as maintaining immune function. Mel advises on optimal nutrient timing and recovery strategies to support immune health and prevent overtraining and relative energy deficiency in sport.

Long-Term Health and Well-being: Investing in Mel for specialized nutrition support contributes to the long-term health and well-being of female athletes, reducing the risk of injury, promoting longevity in sports participation, and supporting overall quality of life.


Speaking Engagements + Q&A’s

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Mel has presented for Nike, the Metropolitan Opera House, the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the NSCA, and numerous gyms, teams, and organizations to improve their performance, their appreciation for the power of nutrition, and their relationship to food.

Here are recent presentations to help inspire our conversation:

  • Overy Action: A Menstruation Conversation for Adolescent Female Athletes
  • Going with the Flow: Menstrual Education for Collegiate Female Athletes
  • Fast, Fueled, and Female: A Collegiate Athletes Guide to Fueling Her Best Season
  • Fueled for Growth: Preventing Low Energy Availability in Young Female Athletes
  • Addressing Amenorrhea: How to Get Your Period Back
  • The Cost of Greatness: The Fine Line Between Fueling to Win and Disordered Eating
Fueling for the Sport of Motherhood: The Postpartum Athlete
  • Fast, Fueled, and Female: A Mother Runner’s Guide to Her Best Race
  • Mom bod: A Conversation About Body Image for Moms and Moms-To-Be
  • Power to the Peri: A Perimenopause Workshop

Fueling for the Sport of Motherhood – ISSN 2023

A few highlights from Mel’s presentation at the International Society of Sports Nutrition National Conference in June 2023.

Fueling and Training Considerations for the Postpartum Athlete – NSCA 2023

A few highlights from Mel and Michelle’s presentation at the NSCA National Conference in July of 2023 in Las Vegas.

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